Some frequently asked questions are found below. Please feel free to also contact us if you require any further information.

01 Leather
What are your standard leather colours?
We use quality vegetable tanned hides hand-selected for their grain, thickness, suitability and ongoing supply. Our colour options include: Black, British Tan, Saddle Tan, Chocolate, White, Natural, Classic Grey, Slate, Olive & Midnight. We do our best to represent colours accurately on our website, but there may be variation across viewing devices/platforms. 

Are we able to specify another leather colour?
If you have a particular leather colour you would like us to source, we can do so for orders of 100+ handles. Alternatively, if you wish to supply a hide, please contact us to discuss suitability and next steps. 

Are leather swatches available?
Leather swatches are available to purchase via our web-shop here.

02 Handle Selection
How do I select the right handle for my joinery?
We recommend that you refer to the product specifications, to create a full size template from light card. It is always helpful to place this template in-situ on your joinery to establish the right size and suitability. 

What if I require a size that is not a MadeMeasure regular size?
We also custom-make leather handles to your specifications (a surcharge applies) - please contact us to find out more about this service.

03 Installation
For detailed information regarding installation of our handles please refer to notes here.

Do all the leather handles come with holes?
Yes, all our handles come with pre-drilled holes.

Should I pre-drill joinery?
We strongly recommend you do not pre-drill until you receive your handles.

How do I install your handles?
MadeMeasure leather and metal handle installation is quite simple, however we recommend installation by a professional tradesperson where possible for the best result. The responsibility rests with you to use/install MadeMeasure goods as per intended application. Our recessed pulls require installation by a professional tradesperson/joiner.

04 Fixings
Do screws/fixings come with the leather handles, tabs and loops?
You will need to purchase these in addition to our handles, as there are different finishes to select from. More information regarding installation is detailed here.

Could I use standard threaded screws from a hardware store with your handles?
Yes, this is possible - we do not supply these.

Do screws/fixings come with the metal handles?
Yes, we provide 4mm diam. nickel plated flat-head threaded screws.

How to I install leather recessed pulls?
Standard threaded flat head, counter-sunk screws are recommended for this handle. We do not supply these, as they are a regular hardware store item. 

Our recessed pulls require installation by a professional tradesperson/joiner. These handles require a rebate/recess in the joinery, so the handle sits flush with the top of the drawer or edge of a cabinet door. Please ensure handles are received first before creating the recess/rebate as the thickness may vary slightly from handle to handle. We do our best to ensure consistency, but as leather is a natural material it is difficult to control the exact thickness from pull to pull.

05 Leather 
How do I care for my handles?
Leather ages beautifully with time. It naturally darkens and softens with use. Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Nourish the leather from time to time, with a wax/silicone-free leather conditioner but patch test first before overall application as it may darken the leather.