Some frequently asked questions are found below. Please feel free to also contact us if you require any further information.

1.0 General Installation 
Should I pre-drill joinery?
We strongly recommend you do not pre-drill until you receive your handles.

Do all the handles come with holes?
Yes, all our handles come with pre-drilled holes.

2.0 Leather Handles & Tabs | Fixings
How do I install my leather handles, loops and tabs?
MadeMeasure handle installation is quite simple, however we recommend installation by a professional tradesperson where possible for the best result. The responsibility rests with you to use/install MadeMeasure goods as per intended application.

How far do leather handles 01and 02 stick out?
The projection of the handle (the distance the centre sticks out) is up to you. Some people like their handles to sit quite flat and others like a bigger arch/projection.

Do screws/fixings come with the leather handles?
You will need to purchase these in addition to our handles, as there are different finishes to select from. Our interscrews and extensions are sold individually here. 

How do MadeMeasure interscrews work?
Our interscrews are not like regular threaded screws. They have a fixed length and have a smooth post (no threading). The end is secured with a cap (supplied) once the handle is installed. They add a refined detail to our leather handles. Interscrews are only suitable for leather flat handles (01 and 02 sizes), tabs (all sizes) and loops.

Could I use standard threaded screws from a hardware store with your handles?
Yes, this is possible - we do not supply these.

How do I work out if the interscrews are long enough?
Allow for joinery thickness + additional leather handle, tab or loop thickness when ordering this item. You may also need interscrew extensions - see tables below.

Flat Leather Handles (01 and 02 sizes):
NB. Handles compress to approx 2mm when installed

Thickness 'X' Fixings 
16mm 20mm interscrew**
18mm 20mm interscrew
20mm 20mm interscrew*
25mm  20mm interscrew + (1) 5mm ext*
30mm 20mm interscrew + (1) 10mm ext*        
35mm 20mm interscrew + (1) 10mm (1) 5mm ext*     
40mm Please contact us

Leather Tabs (all sizes) and Loops:
NB. Tabs and loops compress to approx 5mm when installed

Thickness 'X' Fixings 
16mm 20mm interscrew*
18mm 20mm interscrew*
20mm 20mm interscrew + (1) 5mm ext
25mm  20mm interscrew + (1) 10mm ext
30mm 20mm interscrew + (1) 10mm (1) 5mm ext        
35mm 20mm interscrew + (2) 10mm ext *
40mm Please contact us

 * counter-sink at back of drawer/door if screw is slightly too short
** washer may be required inside door/drawer (we do not supply)

3.0 Metal Handles | Fixings 
Do screws/fixings come with the metal handles?
Yes, we provide 4mm diam. nickel plated flat-head threaded screws.

4.0 Leather Recessed Pulls | Installation
How do I install my leather recessed pulls?
Our recessed pulls require installation by a professional tradesperson/joiner. These handles require a rebate/recess in the joinery, so the handle sits flush with the top of the drawer or edge of a cabinet door. Please ensure handles are received first before creating the recess/rebate as the thickness may vary slightly from handle to handle. We do our best to ensure consistency, but as leather is a natural material it is difficult to control the exact thickness from pull to pull.

Standard threaded flat head, counter-sunk screws are supplied with this handle.